Friday, January 23, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Equality Utah is thrilled to be launching our new website and we want you to be an active part in its ongoing success. So…we’ve included this blog.

We’ll be providing insights and updates to what’s happening in our quest for a fair & just Utah AND we’ll be posting pictures from all EU events. So, come visit us -- we’d love to hear from you as we go!


  1. "Do What the Churches Should Have Done in the first place,Take Care of our fellow man"
    We will show thru our LGBT Love that we are committed to bettering our communities. We will follow the inspiration of Barak Obama "All Free, All Equal and All Deserving of the ability to Pursue Happiness"

    Do something good, even if it means doing something as small as donating a can of food.

    Thanks and May God Bless!
    Tom and Darin

    google:proposition 8 food drive Utah

  2. The new website looks smashing!
    Also terrific job EU for bringing a diplomatic, respectful course of dialogue directly to the LDS church and the legislature.